Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year '11

Resolutions: Lose weight, be less politically apathetic, join the Catholic Church, a masonic lodge, and/or a wiccan coven, finish reading all the works of jack kerouac (and get started on another author), get a job, get published.

For anyone wondering, I was an English Creative Writing major for undergrad, and juxtapose(d)/juxtaposition was a word uttered by many cliche inducing individuals who through their glorification of the word mangled the king's English (e.g., they used it a lot, and with a tone that smacks of helium, farts, and people who sit around idolizing Shakespeare as the one and only true writer). Needless to say, the "juxt" word got to be annoying.  Some of my preferred words: protocol, y'all (simple, quick, works), mandolin, hurdy-gurdy, queso, lager, troubadour, Scandinavian, Etruscan, and Pepsi.

That is all for now, except, remember kids: You can't spell apathetic without pathetic.